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What we can do for you!

– Mobile implementing

Your business is mobile and who needs an office, when we can help you out, sending invoices, cost proposals, book keeping, check orderstock and more, with your mobile Phone.

– Management Consulting

We help your business grow, help you out in staff matters, fixing errors you maybe dont see. We make a tutorial business EKG to help you out.

– Cryptocurrencys

We can help you implement (in your business, e-shop or ordinarie shop), start using or just help you understand how it works. We are mainly wokring with Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin,  Darkcoin, Blackcoin, Namecoin, Peercoin.

– Security

We can can help you in mainly two way, it-based security like Anti-Virus, firewalls and encryption. Also we can help you with crime coming from the inside, here we are specialized on restaurants, hotells and buisness where cash is still common.

– Marketing

We can help you out Marketing your business, everything from checking out the Market, fixing an event, make your best campaign ever, exhibitions, pressreleases, new website, new material, boost you reconition and selling…

We also working with Lyoness, see more here!

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