En av de första medborgarna av Liberland!


Josef Semera är en av de fösta medborgarna i Liberland! Här kan du läsa hans tankar och ställningstagande.

“So people think I am crazy.

They have asked me: Was it really worthy to spend so much money, drive 1,300 km on your own, leave your hobbies and risk arrest because of some stupid piece of paper? Due to a citizenship that has no point whatsoever? To become a citizen of Liberland, a place which you didn’t even want to hear about?

My answer was YES!

I’m pretty sure about it. Yes, because this “piece of paper” means a lot to me and I’m proud of it. It means freedom for me, something I’ve wanted for years. Finding that there are people who have similar dreams and who use their heads to think for themselves, which was a refreshing action for me.

I do not care that Liberland hasn’t yet obtained its own territory. For me, it exists in my head and it will stay there and nobody can remove it from there.

What do you say regarding this question: You don’t mind that some people are doing it for money or to become popular?

No, I don’t mind that. All I want is for them to act honestly, take care of their own matters and not throwing obstacles in your way, as my own country does, also as the EU does and many other individuals around me….”

Mer att läsa!

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